What is Gifplay.me ?

gifplay.me is firstly an online image hosting made by two fellows (About us) and is online since the 7th of december 2013.

But Gifplay.me is also an innovative tool because it provides the mouse time control functionality.

Once a gif is loaded in the Gifplay.me's interface, it becomes a kind of SuperGif: the user can precisely control the passage of time with his mouse.

The image's width is like a time axis along which the mouse can move freely.

This allows the user to play a gif forward, backward or to play a specific moment in slow motion.

We already have imagined a lot of potential applications and we hope that Internet will discover new ones.

we have other ideas that we will implement if the site is successful enough, like allowing users to record their own mouse moves to generate a new gif.

You can help us by uploading a maximum of gifs that deserve to be improved ;)